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Paramedic Systems of Care – Enhancing Value-Based Services

  Ultra Medical Team - evidence-based care, training, equipment, & oversight for medical volunteers for ultra-endurance sporting events
  Statewide Community Paramedicine stakeholder engagement – GeorgiaWisconsin, and Indiana
  Community, State, & Federal System Evaluations
  Paramedic performance measurement and improvement development, training, & support


Paramedic Advocacy – For Professional Development 

 Founded the American Paramedic Association.

Paramedic Education – For Professional Development Improving Patient Care

  Partner with UCLA in developing and delivering the Community Paramedic course statewide in California for their 12 Community Paramedic pilot sites.
  How to choose the right CP student
  Partner with the North Central EMS Institute in developing and maintaining the internationally standardized Community Paramedic Clinician curriculum
  Partner with Paramedic Health Solutions in developing the Community Paramedic Technician curriculum
  Partner with Paramedic Health Solutions in operating Mobile CE.


Paramedic Data Systems – To Strengthen Patient Care & Safety

  EMS Links – Wisconsin Office of Rural Health
  Information System design, analysis, evaluation, and consultation for communities, state & federal governments


Project FRED – To Advance the Paramedic Profession

  Project FRED (Foundation Research, Evaluation, & Development). We aim to advance the profession of paramedicine through scholarship in supporting the development of a contemporary paramedic Body of Knowledge and supporting Communities of Practice for EMS system and program development.