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Nick Nudell, MS, NRP

Nick is the Project Manager for EMS Compass and the Chief Data Officer of The Paramedic Foundation. He has been a licensed paramedic for more than 15 years in Glacier County Montana but has also delivered patient care in New Jersey, California, and at Burning Man in Nevada. Nick has a bachelor’s degree is in IT Management, a Master’s in Computer Information Systems Information Security, and is a doctoral student in Information Systems studying analytics and decision science. 

Nick has spent more than 23 years working as an information systems strategist with a focus largely on improving health care systems with mHealth and HealthIT technologies and through innovative approaches to knowledge management. For him, it is not about ‘the data’, rather it is about using information to make sense of patterns, and to understand the relationships between different issues allowing users to make better decisions. This means that one size does not fit all and specific challenges demand specific solutions. Over the years his consulting clients have ranged from small rural ambulance services struggling to remain operational, to regional collaborations in patient-tracking for disasters, to statewide public health and safety system development, and national data and performance measurement activities. In his spare time he enjoys getting away from all the technology by hiking wilderness areas, camping with his family, and doing long distance trail runs known as ultra marathons.